Bush Kinder

‘Cherish the natural world because you’re a part of it and you depend on it’ – David Attenborough

Pinemont Pre-School has been incorporating Bush Kinder into the 4 year old Joey’s program since 2022. 

At Pinemont Preschool, our philosophy states:

We acknowledge the importance of the Early Years and our role in a young child’s development.

  • We believe children learn through play and direct connection to the outside environment. Educating children on the conservation and protection of our environment is embedded into our curriculum.

Bush Kinder/Nature Play will provide an opportunity for the children to spend time in a rich natural environment that will foster each child’s social and emotional development as well as their overall development.

Nature Play Benefits and Opportunities for Taking Risks

There are many benefits to having regular unstructured play in nature and opportununties to take minor risks eg balancing on a log or rock pile

  • Children spend regular periods of time in unstructured active play in natural environments that requires large motor movements, greater core strength, enhanced balance and increased fine motor skills
  • Improve resilience – through awareness of risk, ability to overcome challenges
  • Increased confidence – through problem solving skills, imaginative play and creativity
  • Create stronger emotional foundations – with greater impulse control and sensory regulation.
  • Enhance mindfulness
  • Reduce levels of stress and anxiety
For more information about the program, please read the Bush Kinder Hanbook.