Pinemont Pre-School aims to:

  • Provide a caring, supportive learning environment which reflects and values individuality and diversity;
  • Provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment where children are free to play, explore, discover and learn at their own pace with staff providing guidance and encouragement for each child;
  • Offer a program this is responsive to both individual and group needs;
  • Provide a curriculum that is designed to reflect the interests of the children, aims of the parents and skills of the staff;
  • Foster bonds of friendship and support between families providing social contacts and support outside of the immediate family.


Children learn by using all of their senses within an environment that supports and responds to their actions and language. Child initiated, child directed, adult supported play is a vital part of a child’s experience and is important in their total development. Knowledge, skills and attitudes are acquired through the integration of concepts and are developed and refined through frequent, relevant opportunities to practice. Children’s developmental stages and interests are taken into consideration when planning the curriculum.


Sound interpersonal relationships are an integral program component. The involvement of families eases transition, supports continuity of learning and provides the basis of involvement between parent, educator and child. Opportunities for parent participation are offered, and co-operation and involvement are encouraged. Co-operation assists learning. Children learn from each other. When co-operative interactions are encouraged, children refine their language, cognitive skills and develop positive relationships.


Children have individual, differing needs, prior experiences, interests and developmental levels. The structure of the program encourages children to develop self-esteem and self-reliance by providing realistic choices, flexibility, potential challenges, variety, balance, security, stability and enjoyment. Positive behaviour management is established through the setting of realistic and developmentally appropriate limits.