Parents and Carers Comments

Comments about Pinemont Pre-School from our Koala and Joey’s parents and carers:

  • “My kids love going to Pinemont! It is a great little community where we have made good friends and our kids are nurtured and well cared for.”

  • “What has impressed me the most, is how the teachers nurture each child’s growth and development by providing a constant variety of choice for our children to learn and explore, such as, painting (with lots of colours), providing materials for the children to make things, developing rooms for role playing, to reading stories and singing songs. Each day my daughter attends, there is always something new that stimulates her and this is only on the inside!!. Then there is the outside which has a magnificent playground. A sight to behold and is thoroughly enjoyed by all the children!”

  • “I have been at Pinemont Pre-School nearly 6 years and 2 years to go. It has been a joy and delight to be involved in this community. I will be very sad when it is all over for my fourth child. We have just loved the kinder years at Pinemont.”
  • “My 4 year old has flourished since attending Pinemont Pre-School. Thanks to the fantastic staff and the wonderful facilities. Now we are looking forward to our youngest attending 3 year old kinder next year.”

  • “We have said several times this year that we are so glad that we chose Pinemont for our son. Keep up the good work!”

  • “I love the feeling of Community at Pinemont and the staff are exceptional.”

  • “A warm and welcoming pre-school with dedicated passionate staff.”

  • “My child loves coming to kinder. Halfway during the school holidays she asked” is it time to go back to kinder yet?” This says it all! My daughter particularly loves the music acting and fun in the Extended Hours Program.”

  • “A very friendly kinder with great teaching staff to develop pre-school children.”

  • “Pinemont is an amazing kinder. A safe and secure place, welcoming, friendly and providing great stimulus for children.”

  • “It is amazing that 12 months ago my child hated crèche/day-care, it was a struggle to get there. I was worried kinder maybe the same, now my child gets upset if he can’t go!”

  • “The staff are the real treasure of Pinemont Pre-School, my daughter could not be in better hands.”