Committee of Management and Parent Involvement

The Pre-School is run by a Committee of Management, made up of parent volunteers, who are elected and can change from year to year. Each committee member’s duties vary depending on their role, ie President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Enrolment, Social, Publicity and Maintenance. The work undertaken by the committee members in association with the staff ensure a successful and smooth running Pre-School.

Our sessions with the children are enhanced by the assistance of the ‘Parents on Duty’. The parents on duty interact with the children and assist on the activity tables, they also assist with the preparations of the tables for snack times. Overall the experience is one of extreme satisfaction for both the parents and their children. All children love to have their ‘special helper’ at kindergarten with them.

Parents also help to maintain the excellent standard of our building and grounds with regular working bees through out the year. These mornings are usually enjoyed by all that attend – especially the sausage sizzle at the end.